Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Do I have to have an injury?

Physical therapists are the musculoskeletal experts of the human body. You do not have to be injured to benefit from PT. PTs can analyze movement, biomechanics, and imbalances and function to prevent future injury or to increase speed, agility, and strength.

2) Is physical therapy appropriate for my child?

Annual checkups by a pediatric Doctor of Physical Therapy are recommended to be certain your child has normal growth and development. It is also important for you to choose someone that your child sees consistently throughout their growing years. This allows the child and parent to become comfortable with the practitioner, and allows the therapist to note differences from year to year to make sure your child is developing correctly, to note anything that might be “out of the ordinary”, and to prevent future challenges.

3) What should I bring or wear to my visits?

Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy for you to move around in. T-shirts, tennis shoes, sports bras, leggings or shorts are all great options. If there is a particular area, such as the knee, hip, or back, please wear clothing that allows the area to be visualized. Occasionally you will be asked to put on a gown to allow for better ease of treatment of certain areas. Please bring a water bottle to your visits, and a snack if necessary. Be sure to bring completed paperwork, including current medications/supplements and allergies. Lastly, in order to get the most out of your session be sure to bring any questions or concerns that you might have. Know what your goals are/what you want to get out of physical therapy and communicate those things to your therapist.

4) Do you do home visits?

Please see the fee schedule for home based therapy services.

5) Do I need to have a referral?

No prescription/referral is needed prior to scheduling an appointment. Dr. Mohagen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a direct access provider in the State of California.

6) Do you volunteer?

Yes! When the schedule allows, we are happy to provide community support at sporting events, races, parent and coach education, team participation, and educational discussions with other providers.