Red FOX Physical Therapy, PC June signups for Specialty Program: DANCERS AND GYMNASTS

MAY 2019: 

Sign-ups are now open for the sports specialty program;  Dynamic Movers:  Master Program for Dancers and Gymnasts.  This is a program offered by Red Fox Physical Therapy for Gymnasts and Dancers who want to improve their overall ability and performance, and create Muscle Memory Built to Excel. 

From detailed foot and lower extremity biomechanics assessment, to training on avoiding bunions and strengthening the feet, to bony alignment of hips and neural mobility; this program covers it all.  Dancers and gymnasts’ bodies must be able to handle a wide range of movements with explosive control, which often leads to injury without the proper preparation. 

Summer is the BEST time to begin training for the fall season.  Come back prepared and better than ever.  This program allows freedom of movement with increased power, balance, and proprioception, as well as manual hands-on stretching, neural mobility, and joint range of motion.

We provide participants with:

·      Peak performance for competition

·      Improved strength, agility, and movement of hips

·      Decreased risk of injury

·      Improved pelvic stability and landing control

·      Improved flexibility for splits

·      Improved push-off mechanics

·      Improved foot strength and avoid bunions

·      Avoiding costly surgery down the road


We accomplish this with:

·       Unique training tools tailored to individual

·       Athlete and sport-specific evaluation and assessment

·       Progressive hip, core and lower body positioning, stabilization, and strengthening

·       Neuromuscular control

·       Bony alignment

·       Hands-on stretching and manual techniques

It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.


This is a 10 session program, including thorough initial evaluation and assessment on day 1, followed by 9 advancing training  sessions.  These visits are private and customized to the individual with one-on-one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  If your child wants to excel as a dancer or gymnast, this program is a must.   Dr. Mohagen has experience working with members of the Pacific Ballet Company and various other dance companies, and has worked with former Olympic Level Gymnasts. 

Please mention this News Release for SPECIAL PRICING!!!  For more information about Red Fox Physical Therapy or to register for a program or physical therapy services, please see their website at  You may also email: or phone/text: 541-951-2703. 

Red FOX Physical Therapy joins Clever Minds

Red FOX Physical Therapy, PC is excited to collaborate with Clever Minds Learning Center in Truckee, CA. Clever Minds provides tutoring and instruction in Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, SAT, ACT, and ISHEE test prep, home-school instruction, winter athlete academic support, and Summer Study.

Clever Minds Learning Center opened its doors in June, 2004.  They have assisted over 7,000 students in Truckee, North Tahoe, Incline Village, and the Bay area with their learning.  Students in grades kindergarten through 12th attend our center for a variety of reasons.  They have students who need assistance with homework or study skills; require individualized reinforcement of classroom concepts; desire an opportunity to enrich their curriculum with challenging academic activities; seek individualized assistance with language arts and math due to learning disabilities; are home-schooled and seek a private teacher; or are competitive athletes and require an alternative form of education due to traveling; or courses for high school credit.

Red FOX Physical Therapy, PC joins a wonderful team of practitioners, under the Clever Minds umbrella, to be able to provide excellent service and care to the students and members of our community.

  • Tahoe Speech Therapy: MOLLY MEYER, MA, CCC-SLP & TARA MEYER, MA, CCC-SLP



You can find more information under the Wellness Team page of our website here at Red FOX PT.

Contact information for Clever Minds:

Address: 10090 Church Street, Truckee, CA 96161.


Phone: (530) 582-1707