Student athletes and youth and the active adult population and adult athletes in our community, with a focus on all orthopedic and sports-specific rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.  


    1. Youth athletes: In addition to sprains/strains and injuries, please see our current specialty PROGRAMS for overhead athletes, ski/snowboarders, and dance/gymnastics.

    2. Children: From infants with torticollis, toddlers who are behind on rolling or walking, to children with everyday injuries or surgeries. We assess and treat all orthopedic concerns.

    3. Annual wellness: Annual checkups by a pediatric Doctor of Physical Therapy: Did you know that yearly checkups are recommended to be certain your child has normal growth and development? It is also important for you to choose someone that your child sees consistently throughout their growing years. This allows the child and parent to become comfortable with the practitioner, and allows the therapist to note differences from year to year to make sure your child is developing correctly, to note anything that might be “out of the ordinary”, and to prevent future challenges.

  2. ADULTS:

    Advanced physical therapy can give your body the edge to heal itself. Sometimes our bodies are on the line between healing and chronic injury. We just need a little push in the right direction, so that our body can complete the healing process. 

    We take great care of our vehicles so they last longer. We have the oil changed, inspect the belts and hoses, rotate and balance the tires. Just like our cars, our bodies are intricate machines made up of a system of pulleys and levers through muscles and tendons. Normal wear and tear and hobbies or sports often require that we keep those imbalances in check, realign our movement patterns, and refuel in order to continue participating in the things that are important to us before those little aches and pains, decreases in speed, and tweaks in the joints slow us down. If you take care of things along the way, it won’t turn into a bigger problem later. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    1. Weekend warriors: Those who work hard all week and play harder on the weekends. You don’t have time to train much on the weekdays, but you expect your body to perform on the weekends.

    2. Adults Extraordinaire: Those who do it all and then some: busy moms/dads and grandpas/grandmas, and active young adults. You may have nagging aches/pains that keep coming back or never completely resolve. You overdo it hiking or with yard work such as raking or shoveling.  You slept funny and now your neck hurts.  You like to travel, but get pain in your back, rear-end, or legs after sitting in the car. Don’t worry or suffer through it. We’ve got you covered!

    3. Adult athletes: Those who train hard and regularly. You love your sport and don’t want to have anything hold you back or keep you from it. You’ve tried it all and are ready to take it to the next level. You are ready to train OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. In addition, please see our current specialty PROGRAMS for overhead athletes, ski/snowboarders, and dance/gymnastics.


Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy:

  • Sports: Skiing and snowboarding, baseball, basketball, football, rugby, rockclimbing and mountaineering, MMA, swimming, tennis, hockey, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, dance, gymnastics, cycling, cross fit, golf and more.

  • Injuries/Pre and Post surgical: We are well versed in general joint pain, joint replacements, accident related injuries, sprains/strains, pre-operative consultations and post surgical rehabilitation, and advanced blast/fall injuries.

  • Postpartum: During and post pregnancy/delivery rehabilitation.

  • Oncology: Strengthening, functional training, and pain/nausea management during and following treatment (this is not lymphedema therapy). In addition to a residency program at the renown Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson Research Center in Seattle, WA Dr. Mohagen is a Stage IV cancer survivor.



Innovative Technique

Personalized Service



Outside of the box…..

We offer private treatment sessions that are one on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. That means no aids or assistants giving treatment. Sessions are a full hour long. We expect you to fully participate in your home exercise program for the best possible outcome. That means we can focus your valuable time at Red Fox PT on detailed assessment and care that is innovative, fresh, and effective. We take each patients’ needs and goals into account. We respect your time and busy schedules. We treat the body as a whole, rather than a single part or injury. Red Fox PT has unique training aids and equipment such as a Rip Row for skiers or mountain bikers or those who want to improve their agility and strength.

Physical therapists are the musculoskeletal experts of the human body. You do not have to be injured to benefit from PT. PTs can analyze movement, biomechanics, and imbalances and function to prevent future injury or to increase speed, agility, and strength.

Treatment is hands-on approach with advanced and specialized manual therapy techniques, functional movement assessment/biomechanics, sport specific training, corrective therapeutic exercises, postural re-education, neuromuscular re-education, proprioceptive training, neural mobility and gliding techniques, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, trigger point release, stretching, and joint mobilization.

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