Red FOX offers private physical therapy services that are customized to the individual with one-on-one treatment sessions provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


THe Road to success

begins at Red Fox Physical Therapy

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality Physical Therapy services to the Student athletes and youth and Active adult population and adult athletes in our community, with a focus on all orthopedic and sports specific rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.  This is accomplished through innovative technique, personalized service, and experience.

Innovation:  We want the patients’ PT experience to exceed their expectations through treatment that is innovative, fun, challenging, and up-to-date.  Through PT, patients will be able to understand how their body works, as well as the underlying cause of their symptoms. Tailored to the individual, advanced manual therapy techniques, unique setting and tools, and training “outside the box” provide therapy that is both fresh and gives breakthrough results.  This type of PT helps patients achieve their goals to remain healthy and able to participate in their activities throughout all age ranges.

Personalized Service:  We are set apart from typical physical therapy treatment with one on one sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, which is the highest academic degree in PT.  We do not utilize physical therapy aides or physical therapy assistants. Treatment is personalized to the individual and their needs and goals. We take pride in detailed biomechanical assessment and rehabilitation that takes into account the entire body, and not just a single joint or injury site.

Experience:  Dr. Mohagen’s primary focus is right where it should be – on the patient and what is important to them.  She provides physical therapy care that is exceptional and polished by years of experience. She has extensive experience treating pediatric athletes, active adults of all ages, and the accompanying various orthopedic issues and sports injuries.  

Pediatric Physical Therapy:  Dr. Mohagen has training and experience through Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Tacoma General in Washington, working with neonatal, infant, birth to three, pre-teen, and teen orthopedic injuries.  You wouldn’t take your child to an expert in geriatrics, would you? No! You take them to a pediatrician. In the same way, for the best outcome, take your child to a Physical Therapist who is able to provide specific pediatric treatments.  

Health is one of the few things that you can’t put a price on. It’s a gift, but one that you maximize by what you invest in it.
— Dr. Sara A. Mohagen

Additional tidbits

  • Amazing WELLNESS TEAM to serve the Tahoe region

  • Proud partners with Clever Minds Learning Center

  • One-on-one treatment sessions with a consistent provider

  • We primarily operate on word of mouth referrals, so we want your services to be exceptional